Musical Palette - Melody Composing Tool - The Music Software that is based on the theory of composition and theory of harmony.

Release date: 23 July, 2020. Version: 1.0. Download link:  MeladinQuest1_0_setup.exe

The Meladin Quest program is distributed under Freeware license.

Meladin Quest program is innovative melody composing instrument. The program strongly enough automates the melody composing process nevertheless it has flexible and rich uix. It need to say that Meladin Quest program has a strong theoretical foundation. The program is based on knowledge from the theory of harmony and the theory of composition, as well as the author's own experience. The program offers a huge number phrase variants in real time based on some general algorithm. While the user has the ability to quickly and flexibly modify them.

Find here tunes that where composed with early 'prototypes' of this program.

If you want to buy the 'Meladin Quest' project (source code, brand) then, please mail me to and let's start conversation.